Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Beauty of I at 9 Months. Parker Children's Photographer

We went for vintage glam with this little darling! It was so much fun to play with props and her different outfits. She is so cute and such bright eyes!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Beauty of the V Family. Littleton Newborn and Family Photographer

Gorgeous S had her little darling recently and I was able to go and photograph the entire family! What fun to have captured the beauty of her maternity and now baby C. She is so cute! One of my favorite things is that her and her big sister have VERY different hair colors which look great in the pictures. Now they just need a little blondie to round out their look :)

The Beauty of the F Family. Lone Tree Family Photographer

This awesome family loves golf. They all golf and live right near a course. We have plans for a warm weather session, golf involved!! But that doesn't mean we can't sneak onto the course for a little of the winter session as well! J is a fantastic seamstress making really cool and original items, check out her products here!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beauty of the B Twins. Parker Baby Photographer

These two gorgeous babies are quite the little fighters! They were diagnosed with TTTS while in utero and had a big battle ahead of them. They were delivered and both had to spend time in the NICU before coming home. Since then they have had to take a few trips back, but thankfully, have really begun to grow and flourish! The adorable Dr. Seuss outfits had special meaning, as they bought them in the hospital gift shop and didn't know if they would be bringing home, two, one or no babies. So we had to be sure to take some pictures in them! What an honor to capture the beauty of these two little angels!

The Beauty of the F Family. Castle Rock Family Photographer

The F family found me on the website for my church. They were a fantastic group to work with and all three boys are adorable! But it was pretty cool when we started talking about our church and I found out that they volunteer in the children's church area and watch my youngest during service!

The Beauty of the H Family. Littleton Family Photographer

I loved how this family coordinated their colors for our session! And little did they know how well they would look with the location we chose. Big sis was so adorable when holding her baby bro, she was so good at making him feel comfortable. I was really glad too, it helped keep him smiling through the cold and wind!