Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Beauty of the H Family. Littleton Family Photographer

What a perfect day for a fairy princess! I headed to the beautiful Botanic Gardens at Chatfield with the H family and absolutely loved the outfit miss A was wearing! So pretty and flowing, perfect for a windy day! Thankfully we had some breaks in the wind. What a fun family!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Beauty of the B Kids. Castle Rock Children's Photographer

Well, it was time once again to celebrate birthday's for the B family. This time, with one more addition. Usually we do photographs in April for Miss A, but little man S is now 1!! So the three kids all got to have their chance to dress up for pictures! Big brother, B, has long been one of my buds, especially during our sessions. He has a cute crush on me which is adorable and mom even sees him in the backyard with a pretend camera "playing Miss Sarah"! S, the new one year old on the block is more handsome than ever with eyes we can all drool over! And of course, miss A is one of my favorite "pouty lip models" who I actually snuck a smile out of this time around!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Beauty of PlaySoup. Parker Business Photographer

PlaySoup is once again gracing the blog! Updating their head shots, and I had the great honor of including some of the stars of their shows! Milo, and Myron, their signature puppets, and of course, StarBurst!! She is a sweet clown with a tiny voice and gentle touch! She is well known for her stars (of course) and bubbles! I even got in on the fun at the end, I was "nosed" by StarBurst!!

The Beauty of the M Boys. Castle Rock Children's Photographer

These two are little gentlemen! First off, their Easter outfits are too cute! And they looked great in the location we chose, now that green is finally returning! We went on a fun adventure of leaves, laughing and twig breaking. They are a blast!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beauty of Artistic fun. Lone Tree Bridal Photographer

I set up a fun bridal shoot with some fabulous ladies a few weeks back. We headed to a great historic location and even had Maegon of the amazing Maegon's Makeup make them look fabulous. I have been picturing many of these images in my head for a long time now so it is really nice to see them come to life finally!! This also makes me really excited that wedding season is here!! A huge thank you to Cathy, Beca and Keely for being such amazing and willing models!