Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beauty of the C Family. Littleton Family Photographer

It was a pleasure to be able to photograph this family. Dad has been good friends with my brother since high school so we have been able to see them off and on when my brother visits. We headed out to a great nature trail and explored with the boys, great fun!
c 04 copy
c 05
c 06
c 13
c 14
c 10 copy
c 17
c 16 copy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Beauty of the S Family. Colorado Springs Family Photographer

I have photographed a few members of this family before, with the other side of their family. What a treat to be able to capture both sides. They picked Garden of the Gods for location, beautiful! I need to head down there more often!
Family 14 copy
Family 02 copy
Family 03
Family 21 copyFamily 30
Family 26

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Beauty of S and S Married. Littleton Wedding Photographer

Weather: Beautiful clear blue skies. Temperature: A bit hot! Scenery: Amazing. Bride and Groom: Perfect together!

What a feeling of excitement at their wedding. Everyone around them had big smiles at seeing these two tie the knot. And I of course LOVED the hot pink shoes worn by the bride and all bridesmaids!

sands 009
sands 013
sands 011
sands 019
sands 029
sands 031
sands 056
sands 093
sands 092
sands 088 copy
sands 085
sands 181
sands 177
sands 180
sands 145 copy
sands 095
sands 078
sands 187 copy
sands 189